Monday, May 27, 2024

Somerville’s Winter Hill school closed next year, with community split between two new locations

Somerville closes its Winter Hill school building, leaving temporary location and parents in doubt

Falling concrete in a Somerville school stairwell is another shoe dropping for concerned parents

Somerville schools will have to hang on until ’26 before construction or major renovation work

Teens read for 16 hours to choose the book defeating their dread for summer reading

Somerville School Committee selects Carmona over four other finalists for superintendent role

Somerville school leader candidate who left returns for consideration in second search

Applicants for Somerville schools superintendent get a second chance as process is forced to restart (corrected)

Favored candidate for Somerville school leader drops out, leaving committee at a crossroads

Girls can’t slide on gravel or swing in the dark, but they can call for better playing fields – again