Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Music snobbery and the SheerHive: We land somewhere between passion and pretension

Even when big festival headliners are forgettable, there’s a win in local acts getting larger audiences

Local lack around Black folk music is different: Tickets sell out too fast to squeeze into Passim

Gritty’s DIY Conference of Non-Musicians supplies the instruments and stage for play

Eight-bit music with Battlemode yes and AI no, but the bots are surely coming for our audiences

Union Square grew into a nourishing Jungle, Davis Square learned to dance at a ceilidh

The booker knows you pay thousands for big acts to complain about $10 for a four-band bill locally

Skip the streaming for more CDs, tapes and vinyl and get physical on a route you can shop in a day

Should ‘Auld Lang Syne’ be forgot? No, it should be learned. And lived.

Some love for the late bloomers in music releases