Sunday, July 21, 2024

Booking is easier as a ‘We,’ as in ‘Webookthings,’ while a pop-up music venue gets to nine months

Five air-conditioned music venues for the season and a pair of Ballroom bands delivering devotion

Stay in an emptied town for less crowded shows, or travel for a celeb-curated festival? Wilco that

What makes it into the $1 Cheapo Records bin? Xylophones, bear rugs, most folks named Mort

Sonic Environments can mean almost anything, but in Lilypad’s case it meant a musical challenge

‘Where That Came From’ moves music closer toward the artificial. Is that intelligent of us?

Nice, A Fest is going to be nice and hot

Support local music? Let’s look at that.

We don’t have the mass of the Montreal Jazz Fest, but it’s time for our Boston Calling and Campfire.

Porchfest was huge with Guster blowing in; Campfire and the sound of Lynch lies ahead