Recreational weed head start gets an added year, with an expanded list of owners who can benefit

Attend meetings on a longer pot shop head start, tree laws, a new race justice committee and more

Attend meetings on goals for the academic year and how to fix a cannabis head start that failed 

Cannabis shop won’t open at 286 Broadway, entrepreneur tells group united in resistance

Cannabis seller wants the shop at 286 Broadway, displacing a new community-focused arts space (updated)

Heavy-duty weaponry is taken from teens in Port after police hear word of an escalating argument

Boston man is charged in July 26 gunfire incident that included car chase and crash on Interstate 93

Cambridge now has restitution and reparations on the table, awaiting input from the community

Attend meetings on gun violence, reparations, trees and climate, apartments and much more

Residents are urged to give testimony Monday that reparations orders aren’t ready to be voted