Saturday, June 22, 2024

Accumulated debts from Covid’s rent freeze makes it harder to save those facing eviction

Housing Authority celebrates fraction of funds needed for Jefferson Park Federal public project

Eviction filings for nonpayment of rent rise follow efforts to get to post-pandemic norm

Smoking was the cause of fire and water damage rousting seniors at Truman Apartments in April

State backlog gives third delay to Jefferson Park, which a group of 10 residents petitioned to stop

SVB failed holding affordable-housing money from Cambridge developers. But so far, so good

Failure of Silicon Valley Bank won’t affect CHA despite investment in four of its rehab projects

Housing Authority sweats to manage factors nudging costs at Jefferson Park ever higher

With Jefferson Park housing deadline nearing, agency must make up lost $11M of $252M total

CHA Workforce Program gets a $100,000 boost from Cummings as it works to broaden support