Watch meetings digging into details of budget, response to Covid-19 and public housing work

Pressures of Covid-19, and outside protections, convince CHA it must drop some aid to renters

Testing for coronavirus arrives in The Port, comes next to group settings, public housing

Plans to test most vulnerable for Covid-19 evolve, enlisting fire paramedics to visit public housing

Areas where most vulnerable populations live see expanded Covid-19 testing, led by The Port

With coronavirus case and death data withheld, Housing Authority is on its own to gauge extent

Housing Authority finds masks for households, many donated within city – and some by tenant

Despite ‘mixed bag’ of actions in senior housing, CHA reports of Covid-19 infections remain low

Housing Authority does the math, will cancel security deposit system, return tenant money

No diversity problem in our public housing, unless state just created one with 70-30 split