Thursday, June 13, 2024

Tasters try dishes at a previous Takedown event. (Photo:

Historically and metaphorically it might make sense to feast on lamb as spring approaches, but organizers of the Lamb Takedown planned for Sunday at The Middle East are pushing it.

In a move bound to muddle the sympathies of all but the most ardent carnivore or gourmand, The Takedown — noting this is Lamb Lovers Month, mind you — uses this line among its pitch for attendance:

“If you think you might love lamb, you’ll know after this day is through — lamb is hands down the noblest meat in all the land — and the cutest!”

Local participant Vaughn Tan is no better, describing the event as follows:

“Hundreds of pounds of lamb will give their small, fluffy lives for your delectation at the Boston Lamb Takedown. Amateur cooks get 15 pounds of lamb and a few days to make something to feed 250 people.”

He and his cooking partner are competing for a $100 grand prize, $50 judges’ prize or one of “many other lamb-centric prizes.”

Tickets are $15, including lamb merchandise, in case the connection between eating a fluffy animal and charred muscle isn’t clear enough. (Not even talking from a vegetarian perspective, but, really, isn’t this weird on the same level as going to Sea World or an aquarium and having fish for lunch?) The gates open for lamb consumption at 4 p.m.

If it wasn’t obvious: The American Lamb Board is a sponsor.

“The organizer bills it as a ‘takedown,’ but it’ll probably end up more like an enormous potluck, heavy on tasty lamb-based things. Come, eat,” Tan said. “Unless you’re vegetarian.”