Sunday, May 26, 2024

Excellent news: The band MS MR (also known as MSMR in a typographic muddling that isn’t helpful to a term already pretty unfriendly to Web searches) has booked a June 24 show at T.T. the Bear’s Place in Central Square. We were beginning to worry they wouldn’t come.

The show is excellent news for a couple of reasons, starting with the chance to hear more of the Brooklyn duo’s lush, hypnotic sound and moody lyrics, both of which invite obsessing over. All five songs posted for listening and download are worthy of the endless repeat setting on your mp3 player, with “Ash Tree Lane” and “Hurricane” — recently on the CW’s “Gossip Girl” — being the standouts.

Much time could be wasted trying to say what MS MR sounds like, or that they could fit perfectly on a bill with The xx or comfortably with a sedated Florence + The Machine. But when you can sample them risk free, why bother?

While the “Ghosts” demo EP including “Ash Tree Lane” was recently switched from free to a $7 download, and worth the price, there are ways to sample before you buy. You can still get “Hurricane” in exchange for an e-mail address via the band’s website or just listen on Soundcloud; and the band has three creepy and irresistibly watchable official videos on Vimeo: “Hurricane,” “Ash Tree Lane” and “Bones,” which has so far been surprisingly immune to a copyright complaint from the makers of the 1986 film “Labyrinth.” YouTube has the official “Hurricane” video and bootlegs of “Bones” and “Time of My Life.”

More good news is that since you’re catching MS MR at the starting phases of stardom, tickets are attainable — unlike, for instance, tickets for The xx — and affordable. Tickets are $8 online (more with service fees and delivery, of course) or $10 at the club, 10 Brookline St., Central Square. Doors open at 8 p.m. for  MS MR’s performance at 10:30 p.m.