Sunday, May 19, 2024

The sisters fronting the band 2:54 play The Deaf Institute in Manchester, England, in April. They perform in Cambridge on June 13. (Photo: Man Alive!)

June is shaping up well for visits by exciting new bands, with London’s 2:54 set to play T.T. the Bear’s Place on June 13 and New York’s MS MR looking for a venue to play before starting a tour with another band the next month.

“We would love to play Massachusetts,” said an unidentified member of MS MR, noting that the band’s second-ever show was in Boston, “and are actually trying to lock in a show for that area before the Marina dates kick off — so stay tuned!” (That earlier show  was March 28 as part of under the auspices of WFNX-FM’s Alternatour, even though the band’s “Ghost City USA” songs were released the previous summer. Why no touring for so long? Because that’s what bands do now, says the music blog Earmilk, adding MS MR to “collectives such as The Residents, Daft Punk or more recently The Weeknd, using the sense of mystery to their advantage.”)

The band’s tour dates with Marina & the Diamonds start July 1, making the mission to find a date in Allston, Boston, Somerville or, ideally, Cambridge, before that but after its June 1 date at Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn.

In the meantime, Cambridge residents overloaded with great local bands may be wondering what the fuss is about. And the best way to explain is for them to hear and possibly download “Hurricane,” the MS MR song released Thursday. (The video for “Hurricane” is still private, but is just as obsessively watchable as the song is listenable.) The track is transfixing — it gets in your head and demands repeated plays — and promises a powerful live show. Here’s the band’s “Ash Tree Lane,” a great song (with an increasingly creepy video) that is going to be simply amazing live:

And what’s this 2:54 all about? The Thurlow sisters formed their band in September 2010 and are looking at a self-titled debut album May 28. While acknowledging the sisters’ past in punk band The Vulgarians and even spotting traces of it in their current work, the Spoonfed blog calls their music “pure lo-fi seduction.”

Both bands have a deceptively restrained quality but a powerful undercurrent that gets into the listener’s head and won’t let go. June 13, and whatever date MS MR might find to play the city, will be a time to celebrate that Cambridge isn’t just home to great bands, but a home away from home.