Friday, April 19, 2024

Reports of shots fired and a car chase made chaos of Kendall Square on Wednesday afternoon, with no official police reports helping to clarify what happened.

The short version, as reported by a police officer on hand: Shots were fired, no one was hurt and two “kids” were in custody as of 6:30 p.m., about an hour and a half after the first reports of violence in the square. Cambridge police on hand said officially that they could not speak, as it was a State Police matter; State Police referred questions to the District Attorney’s Office; calls to that office were not returned, and no press releases were issued into the evening. (Cambridge police tweeted at 5:52 p.m. to confirm the lack of injuries and that suspects were in custody.)

Meanwhile, social media exploded with reports, some of them contradictory, including some people referring to a “shootout.” Brian D’Amico, a “breaking news enthusiast,” had the most sustained real-time coverage of the event, but he appeared to be reporting from police scanner reports and was on the scene. Some were:

“We had the excitement of watching the police swarm Kendall Square while drinking a pint at Meadhall. Multiple bad guys arrested,” tweeted Robert Winters.

Universal Hub reported from State Police that although witnesses saw two men being led out of Kendall in handcuffs, only one is being charged, and The Cambridge Chronicle said that Boston police said there was only one suspect. From Universal Hub:

State Police say the incident began when a trooper on the Tobin Bridge attempted to stop a car wanted as part of a gun investigation.

As the trooper approached the vehicle, it sped away. A pursuit ensued to the bottom of the bridge and eventually into Cambridge. In the area of 55 Broadway in Cambridge the suspect vehicle was slowed by traffic and the trooper caught up to it.

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