The royals are the latest of visiting dignitaries, planning stops in Cambridge and Somerville (updated)

Attend Cambridge meetings from Nov. 14-20: Garden Street lanes; empanadas filling Izzy’s

Crime and stress from Central Square’s unhoused draw increased attention from police and officials

Attend Somerville meetings from Nov. 7–13: Sewer separation, Eversource, charter change

National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality rally is set for Saturday at Cambridge’s City Hall

Attend meetings in Somerville from Oct. 17-23: Armory arts, marijuana licensing and curb use

Police say teens are suspects in February gunfire, arrest on charges of assault with intent to murder

Attend meetings in Somerville from Oct. 10-16: Sinkholes, elevators, roofs and charter changes

Street brawl of up to 200 outside restaurant ended with the sound of gunfire, police say (updated)

Cambridge man shot at Central Square bookstore is found by police a half-mile away from incident