Friday, February 23, 2024

Harvest Co-op grocery store staff offered a glimpse of the new 580 Massachusetts Ave. space in August during preparations for the opening Thursday.

The Harvest Co-op grocery store has reopened in Central Square. The store, at 580 Massachusetts Ave., started selling again at 10 a.m. Thursday, said Chris Durkin, the small chain’s director of membership and community relations.

Until Aug. 15, the store was across the street in 581 Massachusetts Ave., in a space about twice the size — now empty while H Mart, a New Jersey-based Korean grocery and foot court chain, readies renovations to open in 18,000 square feet early next year. The co-op’s current site actually brings it back to where it began in 1974, albeit upstairs from the original. The grocer spent about two decades in each location and now has replaced a Jax Liquidation Outlet.

Shoppers and members have been praising the new store.

“The store looks beautiful! Love the floors,” customer Erica Mintz said opening day on the store’s Facebook page.

“Oh thank goodness!” shopper Cathy Kittredge said. “I missed you guys!”