Monday, May 20, 2024

Note: This event is completed. The videos from the ultimately three-hour, 20-minute meeting are for now viewable only here.

Original story: The City Council plans a roundtable meeting from 9:30 a.m. to noon Friday to look over the plans for 26 acres in Kendall Square proposed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. By the council’s rules of the roundtable, there will be no public comment or voting, and the meeting will not be televised – ostensibly to allow a frank, informative, give-and-take approach to conversation.

More on how at least four of nine councillors initially planned to televise the roundtable is here.

The roundtable remains open to the public, who by state law are free to record it with sound and video and to transmit those recordings. The Tech – the news source for the MIT community – and Cambridge Day are working together to stream the roundtable live on the Web for anyone unable to attend but who wants to see and hear the proceedings. This hasn’t been done before, but the news sources hope it will go smoothly and be available as a resource Friday and in the future at this address or through copies of the video given to each site.

The meeting should be watchable here:

Other news sources who want to stream the meeting should find embed codes available during the stream or can contact Cambridge Day for technical help by clicking here.