Sunday, May 19, 2024



This is the poster for a film screening Feb. 23 at Vineyard Christian Fellowship in North Cambridge. I suspect that for many people, having no other information, the feelings this poster gives off are:

bullet-gray-smallI don’t want to see a movie for which the poster suggests I will spend a couple of hours sobbing because I’m watching unrelenting, overwrought misery.

bullet-gray-smallI’m not sure I want to hang out with people who respond positively to this poster. They’re likely to be very earnest and will make me feel bad for not matching up.

But here’s what the movie’s about, in text from the church’s website:

‘Compelled by Love’ (2014) is a powerful, inspiring and definitive portrait of Heidi Baker, a modern-day Mother Teresa whose ministry is based in more than 30 nations around the world. Shot on the run over a period of 20 years in 10 countries and on four continents in war zones, brothels, bushes and Ivy League campuses from Hollywood to Mozambique, this film transcends all political, religious and social barriers. Follow Rolland and Heidi Baker’s journey into the world’s darkest and most desperate places, as their pursuit of the presence of God has transformed a nation through love in action. The film chronicles the power of one life fully yielded to God and the truth that love wins.

If that actually puts you on the fence, here’s the trailer for further investigation. If that wins you over, you can register to see the movie here. The screening is from 6 to 9 p.m. Feb. 23 at Vineyard Christian Fellowship, 170 Rindge Ave., North Cambridge. Call (617) 252-0005 or click here.