Friday, April 12, 2024

A week of events in Cambridge and Somerville: Susanna Kaysen, Space Week and bluegrass fest

Attend meetings in Cambridge from March 21-28 about police budget, flooding and iftar open to all

Reader inquiry about plaque on Fresh Pond rotary rediscovers Teeven, a North Cambridge war hero

St. John the Evangelist’s embrace of newcomers turned it into a cornerstone of North Cambridge

A week of events in Cambridge and Somerville, from Oompa and Picasso to ImprovBoston’s end

Returning from Easter fire may challenge church as options to rebuild within Cambridge top $9M

Church weathervane watched America be born, and may have a future sold to pay for missions

Will the GOP turn away from Evangelical Christians?

There’s a question of balance around bike lanes, concept for safety and access pushed too far

Languishing finances and dwindling enrollment to close The Cambridge Matignon School in June