Friday, February 23, 2024


A jury  this afternoon found in favor of the city on several claims in the employment discrimination case of Gloria Law v. City of Cambridge. Law is a former junior accountant at the Cambridge Police Department.

She alleged that the city had discriminated against her because of her national origin, which is Filipino, and had retaliated against her for filing a complaint with Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination.

The jury found that that the city did take adverse employment action against Law, but did not subject her to verbal or other harassment because of her national origin, and also that the city did not retaliate against her for her MCAD complaint. This jury finding was insufficient for Law to prevail.

The jury deadlocked on whether the city “constructively discharged” Law – that is, whether it forced her to resign through a pattern of intolerable work conditions. Lawyers for both sides will decide in the next month whether they wish to retry that part of the case.

The city has lost or settled a half-dozen discrimination lawsuits for as much as $16 million in the past few years, and Law’s case is a new crop of seven suits faced by the city.

An earlier version of this article indicated that the jury returned a mixed verdict. While the jury did return mixed findings of fact, the result is that Law did not prevail on any claims.

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