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The opening of ARCH Gallery drew crowds in March.

The opening of ARCH Gallery drew crowds in March.

The sudden closing of an Allston art gallery is bringing a refugee exhibit to Central Square’s Out of the Blue Too, as well as hope for a new location and pop-up spots to host shows in the meantime, the directors said in an email tonight.

ARCH Gallery was shutting down its storefront location at 52 Everett St., Allston, after battles for show and music permitting became “too extensive and difficult,” said director Nicole Dessingue, a musician and singer, and co-director Amyko Ishizaki, a dancer and co-founder of Cambridge’s Art City festival. The gallery opened March 29.

“We had a clear mission, but many hurdles,” The directors said, enumerating the gallery’s accomplishments:

Over the past nine months ARCH hosted over 35 visual artists, 15 receptions, a community auction, a movie premiere, a classical multi-art collaborative concert, created our very own Holiday Bizarre and launched an acoustic series of rare, stripped-down performances by local bands throughout December, all enjoyed by hundreds of members of the community.

Gallery directors Nicole Dessingue and Amyko Ishizaki

Gallery directors Nicole Dessingue and Amyko Ishizaki seek new locations for ARCH shows.

“We have no intention of letting that movement die,” they said. “If anything, this city needs more access to art of all kinds, and more people willing to take risks and never give up on elevating the amazing talent we have here.”

They promised to try to relocate as many shows as possible and find additional support, crediting Out of the Blue’s Hope Zimmerman and Tom Tipton for installing a small showcase of ARCH artists at the Central Square location.

Dessingue and Ishizaki also said they would continue with direct sales and creative consulting while launching a series of outside events and pop-ups.

People or institutions offering support or locations for ARCH Gallery shows are asked to call (518) 495-4111 or send email here.

Out of the Blue Too Art Gallery & More is at 541 Massachusetts Ave., Central Square. It is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Call (617) 354-5287.