Sunday, June 23, 2024

Julia Csekö’s ‘Transcending Borders’ welcomes immigrants with a chance to tell their stories

Emerging Artists Exhibit: Glimpses into worlds that feel out of reach

Religion and reclamations shot through with AI: Harveys come to List with a postmodern puzzle

Artists take over vintage shop in Porter Square during its final days – and now its final hours

‘Rust Happens’ is the exhibit where the pieces might come down to maintain art on the street

‘Happiness Fantasy’ fills an empty bank space with a fun jumble of art imagining the future

Among this weekend’s Somerville Open Studios, Lumentation photo has a display worth noting

Festival ‘Oyster Floats’ installations were playful, but reminds us that those oysters end up eaten

‘Future Minded’ photographs at Harvard Art Museums

This spring, The Curated Fridge gets cinematic