Monday, May 20, 2024

The Seattle band Thunderpussy plays Once Somerville tonight at a free show relocated from Sonia in Central Square. (Photo: Thunderpussy via Facebook)

Allegations of impropriety on the part of management continue to haunt The Middle East nightclub complex in Central Square, but the Seattle rock band Thunderpussy is using it to send a message – moving its show tonight to the Once Lounge + Ballroom in Somerville and making the show a free benefit for survivors of sexual violence.

The announcement was made Tuesday by the band after it said it learned of “allegations of sexual assault and predatory behavior” – likely resulting from news a year ago when Joseph Sater left management after a sexual assault allegation that was already affecting bookings at the club. A partial boycott by the creative community continues with the belief that the Sater family hasn’t done enough to make reparations, distance itself from the behavior or ensure it stops, people in the community have said over the past months.

The Once show with Hollis Brown and Carissa Johnson starts at 8:15 p.m. (with doors at 7 p.m.) with a $10 suggested donation that will be sent to local organizations supporting survivors of sexual assault, Thunderpussy said. People who bought tickets to the planned show at Sonia will be reimbursed.

“We support Thunderpussy’s decision,” said Carissa Johnson, of Boston, via Facebook. “We’re strong believers in venues being a safe place for everyone and doing what we can to ensure that everyone feels comfortable.”

Once Lounge + Ballroom is at 156 Highland Ave., Somerville.