Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Regarding a proposed policy order on the municipal golf course (“Fans of the city golf course rally to keep it whole in one long comment period now due to repeat,” Jan. 24), I should first say that I am neither a golfer nor a fan of the sport. I do, however, like the idea that there is a public golf course within our urban border accessible to all and complementary to the beautiful Fresh Pond Reservation.

The long history of the course in the city shouldn’t be discounted. Even if a “study” concluded that there was some other possible use for the land, that would be a subjective judgment. Closing the course would be a protracted and divisive process. 

A better question is whether the golf course is being managed to maximize sustainability. Are they minimizing water consumption, limiting fertilizer use, protecting people and pollinators by avoiding dangerous pesticides and taking measures to promote biodiversity and maximize carbon sequestration? Those are all reasonable demands our City Council could make.

Frederick Hewett, Appleton Street