Wednesday, June 12, 2024

‘Old Oak’ is new, The Brattle restores Argento and there’s a free ‘Orgy’ and ‘Queen of Katwe’

BUFF at The Brattle with Juggalos and spiders, meet ‘The Queen’ and oil-painted ‘Peasants’

Kore-eda Hirokazu delivers ‘Monster’ and more to The Brattle; ‘Jaws’ swallows New Hollywood

Use Oscars time on winners by Columbia Studios, catching ‘The Getaway’ and ‘Not a Pretty Picture’

Don’t miss the surprising ‘Hundreds of Beavers’ or Oscar-nominated ‘Perfect Days,’ ‘Daughters’

Cinema celebrates cinema in ‘Pictures of Ghosts,’ free ‘Spaceman’ and ‘Silent Running’ tops the bill

Go Bugs for school break, get 24 hours of sci-fi and catch echoes of the picaresques and biopic

Where’s your favorite Black joy found in cinema? Sci-fi fest returns, and more greats of the 1970s

Remember Jean Arthur, relive New Hollywood and arrive in a harsh Danish ‘Promised Land’

Catch up with more of 2023’s big-screen bests, meet animator Kelly Sears and see free Wenders