Sunday, May 26, 2024

The ‘Kind Hearts’ that came before ‘Saltburn,’ greats of J-horror and John Waters’ ‘Trouble’

Chaplain’s ‘The Kid’ and more from the Jazz Age, Brattle ‘reunion’ works and wild midnight flicks

‘Pulp Fiction,’ rarities and oddities are the party in ‘Long Live Film! The Art of Collecting’ series

Independent Film Festival Boston highlights include ‘Road to Ruane,’ who guided us to rock

‘Days of Heaven’ and ‘Halloween’ vie for eyes, but ‘Gamera vs. Viras’ is kaiju kitsch perfection

See masterpieces ‘Metropolis’ and ‘Deer Hunter’ and see if you can decide which Gatsby is greater

‘Muppet Madness’ keeps pace with Marathon and there’s space at The Brattle: ‘2001’ is first

Wicked Queer festival arrives at The Brattle; Somerville screens roots of modern horror

‘Old Oak’ is new, The Brattle restores Argento and there’s a free ‘Orgy’ and ‘Queen of Katwe’

BUFF at The Brattle with Juggalos and spiders, meet ‘The Queen’ and oil-painted ‘Peasants’