Monday, July 22, 2024

Celebrate ‘Touch of Evil’ and ’80s blockbusters along with the new ‘Color Purple’ and ‘Iron Claw’

It’s a Wonderful Tradition at The Brattle Theatre; season also sees ‘Die Hard,’ ‘Wonka’ and more

Finnish import ‘Rare Exports’ is a tale with Claus; ‘Orlando, My Political Biography’ plays at Brattle

Get ready for ‘Victims of Sin,’ playing with Dahl, Christmas portent and biopic ‘Maestro’ arrives

Tech-noir pairs from ‘Machina’ to ‘Mnemonic,’ ‘Sleepless’ in Kendall and a masterful ‘Maestro’

Annual Wicked Queer Film Festival bears a look, there’s neo-noir at Brattle and ‘Dream Scenario’

From highs of ‘Priscilla’ to depths of ‘Loch Ness’ with ‘Divinity’ and Fifties greatness in repertory

Great ‘Farewell My Concubine’ says hello again and there’s ‘Rustin,’ ‘Persian’ and some scares

Festival docs and horror tales vie for screen time, led by ‘Pigeon Tunnel’ and Julia Marchese’s picks

‘Aftershock’ and ‘Silver Dollar Road’ docs rule, but there’s local horror and ‘Carny’ to try too