Friday, June 21, 2024

Balanced on a knife’s edge: Harding keeps seat on committee 51% of time in recount analysis

Count puts Harding back on School Committee, leaves challenger King within range for recount

Big spenders got seats on Cambridge’s council, but war chests were no guarantee in elections (updated)

King gets a Cambridge School Committee seat, upsetting what was thought to be Harding win

Sobrinho-Wheeler, Wilson and Pickett elected onto council, Hudson and King for schools (updated)

It’s an incumbent’s night in Somerville elections, but in Ward 5, Sait tops Perenick for an open seat

City Council candidates for 2023 in Cambridge, polarized time with three new faces guaranteed

School Committee candidates for the 2023 race: Two new faces are guaranteed for Cantabrigians (updated)

Somerville races for office in 2023 highlighting question about what it means to be a councilor (updated)

David Weinstein for School Committee, 2023