Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Evan O’Television argues with himself at a 2008 show at Cloud Club in the South End. The performance artist is presenting his Itching Man festival Saturday in Central Square. (Photo: Prehensile Eye)

Boston’s secret smile against charges New York has all the cool underground art scenes was Allston’s Pan 9, the word-of-mouth, invite-only scene that brought together the Dresden Dolls, interpretive dance, puppets and Robbie Roadsteamer for a series of free, BYOB all-night parties. When the Rugg Road loft burned down Dec. 29, 2006, the area’s beautiful freaks and their fans wept and then groaned in frustration as they realized they faced yet another diaspora, as when the Central Square club scene lost Manray the previous year.

Now performance artist Evan O’Television, who curated, and co-produced Pan 9 shows from 1995 to 2004, is bringing his Itching Man show to the YMCA Theatre on Saturday (previous editions have shown at the Brookline’s Coolidge Corner Theater, Somerville’s O’Briens Pub and the South End’s Villa Victoria Center) with a very Pan 9 lineup.

Why Itching Man? O’Television called it “a bratty retort to the annual bohemian desert trek phenomenon Burning Man” created in 2001 after realizing how many of his Pan 9 audience were “burners.”

“Somebody better be mocking these people. If not with direct parody, or satire, then, at least in spirit — and with love,” he said.

Saturday’s lineup: O’Television, famous for arguing with a himself (he was called “the funniest one-man — and two-man — show” at the New York International Fringe Festival by; DJ Hazard, the comedian, actor and author who started at Inman Square’s infamous Ding Ho comedy club alongside Steven Wright, Bobcat Goldthwait, Denis Leary and Paula Poundstone; Brian Longwell, who specializes in dry satire of motivational speakers via his signature “badly drawn” overheard projector slides; puppeteer and filmmaker Kim Mikenis, who just screened her “Lost and Found” at the World Association of Puppeteers in Prague; and the “queer-fabulous, sock-puppet soap opera” out of Rhode Island known as “The Adventures of Fat Nancy & Crisco.”

The show also reunites O’Television with former Pan 9 artistic directors Troy Kidwell, who is to perform with his musical side-project The Bad Mancinis, and Karin Webb, who is to co-host.

The show is at 7 p.m. Saturday at the Cambridge YMCA Theater, 820 Massachusetts Ave., Central Square. Tickets are $13 at the door.

Note: The “new Pan 9” is apparently to be in Dorchester. More artsy information is at this Tumblr and Twitter account.

This post took material from a press release.