Sunday, April 21, 2024

The Cambridge Day homepage has room for more contributions – essentially infinite room, in fact.

It’s been about a decade that Cambridge Day has been posting content – news from around the community, coverage of the school district and its leaders, issues affecting the city’s businesses, items about arts and culture and essays and letters expressing opinions. What gets posted has been limited by its volunteer nature: The huge majority of content in the archives has been the result of time and energy contributed by residents with no compensation.

While that may change soon, this is an open call for anyone in and around Cambridge to think now about whether they want to join in the work of watching and learning what’s happening around them, then communicating that to a wider audience by posting on Cambridge Day. (Somerville residents, this means you too.)

Cambridge Day is looking especially for people who want to cover the School Committee, education, youth issues and the upcoming School Committee election. This person should be interested in the topics and personalities that decide how Cambridge youth are educated – on and off campus, through curricula, life experience and emerging issues – and how taxpayer money is spent on education; they should also be able to attend meetings of the committee and, when needed, its subcommittees; feel comfortable speaking with and quoting parents, teachers and appointed and elected officials, including about occasionally technical topics; and enjoy reporting and writing and have an open, collaborative approach to writing and editing. It’s important to be able to take the jargon and complication of academia and be able to translate it into plain English, and to take what might seem like dry topics and show why they are important.

Jean Cummings did an incredible job writing on education for Cambridge Day from 2014 through 2018. If there’s someone else in the community with a similar set of skills and sense of dedication – four years not required! – now is the time to reach out.

The city is also wide open in terms of other topics that need coverage, and people should make contact if they have an interest in writing about development and housing; transportation; politics; business; food; arts and culture, including music, books, art, poetry, comedy and comics, to name a few; crime and courts; and sports. Photographers – and editors – should reach out as well; the bigger the team, the better we can develop Cambridge Day into an increasingly broad-based and useful resource.

Send emails explaining your areas of interest and/or experience to [email protected]. There are always things going on demanding attention in Cambridge; the options are wide open to start work immediately.