Friday, May 24, 2024

Burhan Azeem has announced a new run for City Council. (Photo: Burhan Azeem campaign)

Burhan Azeem is returning to run for a City Council seat after a first attempt in 2019. His campaign announced the run Saturday.

Azeem, an MIT-graduated engineer, said he is focusing again on housing as a campaign issue. “Housing policy is climate policy. We need to build more housing and greener housing. This means reforming out-of-touch policies so that green, smart housing can be built without sacrificing the essence of Cambridge,” he said in the Saturday press release. He is making it a point not to accept donations from for-profit real estate developers.

His views have been shaped by a monthlong listening tour, talking one-on-one to more than 100 Cambridge citizens, according to Azeem’s campaign. In addition to affordable and multifamily housing, his platform calls for creating an unarmed public safety response to replace some police duties, for municipal broadband and more.

In the race two years ago, Azeem was one of 22 candidates on the ballot; he was the No. 1 choice of 961 people in the city’s ranked form of voting, placing him in the middle of the pack, but he made it to the 13th of 15 rounds of counting to determine the nine current council members.

He has since been serving as board treasurer for the nonprofit Abundant Housing Massachusetts, and was an early employee at DayToDay, a start-up doing Covid work in India.

  • A campaign kickoff is planned for 3 to 6 p.m. Saturday at Dana Square Park, 70 Magazine St., Cambridgeport. Registration is here.