Thursday, June 13, 2024

A woman with a stab wound to her lower back was found in Central Square and taken to a local hospital Monday, police said.

The woman, an unhoused person in her 30s, was found at around 6:10 p.m. near a Star Variety shop and the Subway at 4 Central Square, where Green and Magazine streets meet, and treated on scene before being transported, police said.

Officers collected evidence and looked for a female suspect in the attack described as heavy-set with dark hair. That suspect was found at Magazine and Auburn streets, about two blocks south. “She was placed into custody and is awaiting the booking process,” said Jeremy Warnick, director of communications and media relations for Cambridge police. “A knife has also been recovered and secured as evidence.”

Scanner reports suggested the knife was found in a surprising location: at the rear of 37 Brookline St., the colorful home of the late outsider artist Peter Valentine known as called Cosmic Moose & Grizzly Bearsville. Valentine died Aug. 9 at 80. The location is expected to be acquired for affordable homes by a nonprofit developer.

The most recent stabbing in Central Square before Monday warned about by police was July 10, when two men in their 20s were each found with multiple stab wounds. One man was in two separate stabbing incidents within one day, after coming to a Cambridge hospital with wounds and leaving, only to be stabbed again. The incident involved unhoused people and a violent attempt to collect owed money.

Anyone with information about the Monday incident is asked to call (617) 349-3300 or make contact anonymously.