Sunday, July 21, 2024

Bow Market in Somerville’s Union Square on Aug. 29, 2021. (Photo: Marc Levy)

The Bow Market ensemble of art and cuisine has nine new and old businesses coming to set up shop in Somerville’s Union Square. Six – Taquismo, the Nine Winters Bakery, Dearly Studio, Upstairs at Bow, Nook and The Eaves – will have permanent residence; the Southern Pines Diner Car, Pop’s Pinball Parlor and Nagomi Bento will remain until 2024.

The most familiar will be Nine Winters, Taquisimo and Dearly Studio, which had test runs at the market.

Here’s a look at the restaurants, bars, and event spaces arriving at Bow. We spoke with some proprietors Friday by phone, stopping by Saturday to see the businesses and sample the goods.



Taquisimo tacos at Bow Market. (Photo: Rónán Fitzgerald)

Now out of Nibble Kitchen and in its own spot a few doors down, Taquisimo (basically meaning “Taco-licious”) serves birria-style beef tacos and ramen noodles from chef and owner Hiram Falfan’s home state of Baja California, Mexico. “A lot of restaurants here say ’Mexican food,’ but Mexican food is so different from state to state,” Falfan said. “I’m showcasing the Baja California cuisine.”

This region’s Mexican food includes ramen noodles in a traditional broth. “The birria has almost a Southeast Asian taste to it, so it goes really well with the ramen,” Falfan said.

Taquisimo ramen. (Photo: Rónán Fitzgerald)


Nine Winters Bakery

Nine Winters Bakery cookies. (Photo: Rónán Fitzgerald)

Cookies such as the Double Chocolate Hot Honey and Mugwort Turmeric Sugar Cookie that made Nine Winters a popular pop-up are here to stay. Founder and lead baker Marissa Ferola integrates Korean ingredients and styles into her craft, including black sesame and Lao Gan Ma Chili Crisp, producing light and fluffy textures with complex flavors.

“Our recipes are family recipes developed by me and my young children as an exploration of our Korean American identity,” Ferola said in a press release.

Also available are treats such as Vanilla Soju with Calpico Cake, or Kewpie Pork Floss Milkbread.


Southern Pines Diner Car

Butter poached scallop and giblet purloo at the Southern Pines Diner Car (via Instagram)

An offshoot of the Southern Pines Supper Car –a series of  sit-down pop-ups at the restaurant Forage in West Cambridge – the Diner Car will be a casual joint for the same kind of Southern-inspired food, created with ingredients that are as local as possible. Boston chef Matthew Bullock specializes in “low-country” cuisine, which includes the Carolinas and parts of Virginia and Louisiana, including New Orleans.

“This is a lot more slow food in the sense of pickling, preserving, saving things for later. It’s closer to West African and a little bit of French influence,” Bullock said.

Although originally from Boston, Bullock has a grandmother from Southern Pines, North Carolina. “That’s where the fascination and the love of this food originally came from,” Bullock said.



Andrew Alberts at Nook. (Photo: Carlie Febo)

This cocktail bar on the second floor of the market takes a collaborative approach to building drinks. Led by Andrew Alberts, the crew at Nook come up with cocktails such as the Desert Air (buttered mezcal, “Buffalo” shrub, celery) and Socks and Sandals (gin, charred pineapple, Campari and Braulio).

“Every drink on our menu has been created by the bar staff using whole ingredients to make the freshest, highest-quality version of our vision. The best way to get to know us as a staff is to start drinking,” Alberts said in a press release.


Nagomi Bento

Serving up bento box lunches and dinners out of Nibble Kitchen, founder and chef Nagisa Ikemura brings a piece of Japanese culture to the market in Nagomi Bento –  a home-cooked lunch that packs portions of protein, vegetables and rice or noodles into a box.

What’s in those boxes changes seasonally, but available now are chicken, salmon, yakiniku (Japanese barbecue) and eggplant.


The Eaves

Banana flower salad at The Eaves. (Photo: The Eaves via Instagram)

The Eaves is an 18-seat Vietnamese restaurant on the first floor of the market. James Beard Award nominee Vinh Le and Duong Huynh of the Cicada Coffee Bar in Cambridge have been building The Eaves space for nearly two years. Though set to open June 11, on June 14 the owners posted to Instagram that a family emergency had halted business temporarily. Get updates on The Eaves here.


Pop’s Pinball Parlor

Pop’s Pinball Parlor (via Instagram)

Open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily, Pop’s is a space for anyone looking to play 10 pinball machines ranging from retro classics such as “Attack on Mars” to the horror-themed “Dracula,” all still coin-operated at 25 cents a pop.

Coming July 29 is the Coin Jam International Open, in which a $30 entry fee buys a chance to compete for a pinball machine that will be shipped and installed in their house for free.


Dearly Studio

Dearly Studio at Bow Market in Somerville. (Photo: Carly Febo)

This “micro-wedding” and small event studio offers an alternative to the financial crunch of a traditional ceremony. The 342-square-foot space can accommodate up to about 20 people, because guests can wander and enjoy the rest of Bow Market at the same time. “Micro-weddings” are famous in Las Vegas; Dearly aims to give them a personalized and curated style.

“The biggest difference is that we’re really trying to get to know our couples,” said Jusmine Martin, owner of Dearly Studio.

Dearly also features goods and services from local vendors – as local as next door. Bow Market sellers such as Filomena Demarco Jewelry, Nine Winters, Rococo and Maca have been incorporated in different events.


Upstairs at Bow

A 120-person event space is available for workshops and events, which can be catered by Bow Market businesses.

“Next month alone the space will host cloth diapering classes, karaoke for reproductive rights, an African supper club and a wedding reception,” said Zola Coleman, Bow Market’s director of events.

This post was updated June 27, 2023, to correct the spelling of Jusmine Martin’s name and the size of events possible at Dearly Studio.