Friday, July 19, 2024

A slice at Joe’s Pizza in Harvard Square. (Photo: Marc Levy)

Price: $4

Joe’s is so New York that the chain’s website doesn’t include the location that opened Sept. 15 in Harvard Square. Cambridge is ready to embrace the New Yorkitude, though, and why not? Joe’s is open until 2 a.m. weekdays and 3 a.m. weekends in a city that sleeps too much, and it’s good pizza, everything you expect: served fast and sizzling, nearly burning your hands through a plain paper plate, thin crust drooping off the side. The heat sears the cheese to the sauce to the dough with the fit and finish of a German car – this isn’t one of those slices with gooey strands of cheese; each bite is definitive. The perfectly charred crust is like a Bertucci’s roll, and a totally different experience from the chew in the center. There are Sicilian squares for $5 and flavors up to $6, but you can’t go wrong with this $4 slice.

Joe’s Pizza, 3 Brattle St., Harvard Square, Cambridge

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