Saturday, April 20, 2024


work by mixed media sculptor Andrea Uravitch

The work of mixed media sculptor Andrea Uravitch inspired the Turkey Oreo Cookies coming Nov. 21 to the Mobilia Gallery.

The Mobilia gallery follows a time-tested model of making art less intimidating by offering food as an accompaniment – usually a sweet one. Every Saturday brings “Picasso and Pie” hours with recipe by or inspired by a gallery artist.

This month has already seen and said farewell to Apple Galette inspired by Martin Spreng and Forgotten Cookies, a twist on Ramona Solberg’s “Forgotten Cake,” but Nov. 21 brings Mocha Icebox Cake and on Nov. 28 there will be Turkey Oreo Cookies in honor of the bird-focused work of mixed media sculptor Andrea Uravitch.

The siblings running the gallery since 1978, Libby and Joanne Cooper, say the Saturday melding of high art and high calorie counts were inspired by “the midcentury adventures” of Lynne Thompson and partner Dorothy Heywood in Maine, “where they opened a gallery-restaurant, showing their collection of Picasso, Rothko, Motherwell and Klee alongside fresh, Maine blueberry pies to temper the radical content of the art.” (A cookbook resulted. They later moved to Cambridge.)

Mocha Icebox Cake

Mocha Icebox Cake

Mobilia’s current exhibits aren’t too radical, especially for a Cambridge setting – Sarah Enoch’s neckpieces, reminiscent of Matisse’s cut-outs, are spotlighted and get a reception from 3 to 5 p.m. Dec. 12, but she is just one of several artists displayed – but it seems like a good enough way to elevate mind and blood sugar at the same time. And it’s not the gallery’s first scrape with food fame. The front window was once turned over to a recreation of Hokusai’s crashing wave by the artists John McQueen and Margo Mensing using many pieces of toast as a medium.

“Picasso and Pie” is offered from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays at Mobilia Gallery, 358 Huron Ave., Huron Village. For information, visit