Monday, July 22, 2024

SSG Development has withdrawn its proposal to redevelop a parcel on New Street after listening to concerns raised about the project. Mayor Marc McGovern’s consistent advocacy for more affordable housing convinced us to step aside in deference to Just-a-Start. He deserves singular credit for this result.

In addition, we were very impressed by councillor Dennis Carlone’s expertise and constructive critique in urban planning and councillor Quinton Zondervan’s advocacy for solar energy and a zero net energy building. Councillors Tim Toomey and E. Denise Simmons were consistent advocates for community interests. We’re grateful for their tough but fair review.

As noted, SSG will continue its work in communities that seek quiet, low-traffic, low-impact development to achieve balance and livability in congested neighborhoods. We are grateful to the Cambridge community for the time spent working with us.

George Bachrach, SSG Development 

George Bachrach is a partner in SSG Development, which is proposing the New Street project; a former state senator representing Cambridge; and former president of the Environmental League of Massachusetts.