Attend Cambridge meetings from Dec. 5-11: Tow-free street cleanings and green zoning

Attend Somerville meetings from Dec. 5-11: Municipal broadband and Boynton Yards labs

Housing Authority sweats to manage factors nudging costs at Jefferson Park ever higher

Changes to Affordable Housing Overlay slowed after councillors say residents felt ‘blindsided’

Attend Cambridge meetings from Nov. 21-27: Building higher in Affordable Housing Overlay

Construction has begun on Rindge Commons, combining affordable housing with job training

‘Linkage’ fees for big developers leap upward, while smaller projects are given an exemption

New Squirrelwood passive green space takes root to replace trees wrongly removed for bicycle pods

Attend meetings in Cambridge from Oct. 3-10: Reshaping City Hall, caring for Danehy Park

Attend meetings on linkage fees and bike lanes, pot shops and improving the city’s playing fields