Attend meetings on bike lanes, Alewife’s future, new Lamplighter Brewing and universal pre-K (corrected)

New Street project is greeted as a ‘poster child’ for city’s Affordable Housing Overlay zoning

End of single-family zoning will take long study to avoid worse wealth gap, Planning Board says

CDD presents its ‘whatever’ zoning

Attend a meeting on ending single-family zoning and watch swearing-in events for elected officials

Even as yard and parking changes head to defeat, Planning Board notes AHO features that concern

Attend meetings on better ways to add bike lanes, unarmed public safety, law on affordable housing

Attend meetings on the past (and next) elections, historical buildings and increasing ‘linkage’ fees

Many sources for high costs at Jefferson Park, including building family units and new roads

Attend the City Council meeting for a rat report, plans for a Covid-era inaugural event and more