Sunday, April 14, 2024

Attend meetings in Somerville from April 11-18 about light pollution, compost and better biking

Attend Somerville meetings for March 28-April 4 about public safety and six-story U-Haul project

All neighborhoods could get multifamily homes and see ‘down conversions’ discouraged in laws

Attend meetings in Somerville from March 21-28 about fixing Broadway conflicts, fate of Armory

Somerville could remove all parking minimums, a change in zoning liked by councilors and mayor

Winn plan for Walden Square housing addition remains a bad design that is wrong for the area

Affordable-housing project Walden Square II wins over Planning Board, many neighbors

Attend meetings in Cambridge from March 14-21 on ‘school climate’ and a greener Kendall Square

Among all that’s going on in Mass. Ave. plan, staff acknowledge that pedestrians need a say

Jehlen: Somerville adding 1,775 homes hasn’t kept rents from rising at three times inflation