Attend Cambridge meetings from Nov. 28-Dec. 4: Studying broadband and issues of the unhoused

Attend Cambridge meetings from Nov. 21-27: Building higher in Affordable Housing Overlay

Attend meetings on tenant rights, climate crisis and cutting the ribbon at the Foundry building

Attend meetings on a new problem at preschools, rodent solution, bike lane delay, Cherry Street lot

Attend meetings on ending parking minimums, a Green New Deal, the schools’ budget and more

Bill by state reps would enact a ‘polluter’s fee,’ focus on utilities instead of maximizing profit

Attend meetings on an Alewife lab moratorium, bike lane installation, raising linkage fees, more

Watch meetings on Lechmere pot proposal; Renewed looks at Alewife, East Cambridge

Watch meetings on evaluating superintendent; switching off fossil fuels; Quadrangle building

Watch meetings on affordable housing zoning; switching off fossil fuels; pot shop near City Hall