Saturday, June 22, 2024

Attend meetings on the future of public safety, utility check-ins and a more car-free Harvard

Foundry community building is topped off, landmark on the path to an opening in 2022

Attend meetings on tear gas, Covid reopenings, Harvard Square pot, small-business composting

Attend meetings on single-family zoning law, snow removal, MIT dorm plan, Palmer Street

Attend meetings on closing of Riverbend Park; getting City Hall contracts; and police inventory

The best of Cambridge in 2020

Watch meetings on affordable housing issues; what Kendall gets with Eversource; and more

Watch meetings on future of Cherry Street lot; Homelessness; and Tree Protection Ordinance

Watch meetings on raising parking permit cost, building affordable housing on Cherry Street lot

Watch meetings on affordable housing zoning, skipping MCAS, closing Harvard Square to cars