Monday, May 20, 2024

A red line train includes maps Jan. 14 that don’t show green line stations open as long ago as March 21. (Photo: Marc Levy)

The green line’s D and E branches may no longer end at Lechmere, but riders would never know it based on MBTA maps at stations around the metro area and on trains.

Unlike an online map, those old maps do not show the green line extension stops, which now run from Cambridge into Somerville and Medford and opened March 21 (the D line spur to Union Square) and Dec. 12 (the E line to East Somerville, Gilman Square, Magoun Square, Ball Square and the final station, Medford/Tufts). The project also relocated and reconstructed Lechmere Station in East Cambridge.

But maps posted throughout the system still show the only four green line branches, with the D and E lines terminating at Lechmere.

“Hundreds – possibly even thousands – of these maps exist within the system, and it can take time to update all of them,” MBTA deputy press secretary Lisa Battiston said Monday.

She’s certain most maps are already updated or in the process of being updated, she said.

The current map, dated Dec. 12, as it should be displayed on trains and in stations:

The 1.7-mile GLX Community Path and bike trail is also expected to open this spring, interim general manager Jeffrey Gonneville told the MBTA board at its meeting Thursday.

“We know how important this is to the community,” Gonneville said. “There’s some punch list items we’re still working through. It is almost done, but it is not done yet. Right now, we can safely say that we will be opening up this spring, fingers crossed.”