Tuesday, May 28, 2024

MBTA says it can’t do a fare-free No. 1 bus route; Cambridge staff says it might be fundable in 2026

If you think red line shutdowns in February hurt, July track work affects twice the number of riders

MBTA prepares low fares for income-eligible while figuring the way back from a fiscal cliff

MBTA readies its new $1B fare collection system, rolling ahead over questions of equity and value

Cambridge braces for MBTA repair shutdowns, which have grown to five encompassing 36 days

MBTA puts Band-Aids on an aging train fleet, seeing more delays by single-source supplier

MBTA speed restriction repairs will shut down local red line four times in ’24, for 33 days total

Affordability, steep lots and cohabitation changes could bolster housing construction in Somerville

Attend meetings in Cambridge from Dec. 1-8 about street cleaning test and charter review (corrected)

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