Friday, July 19, 2024

The CheeZaatar (cheese and zaatar) manaqeesh flatbread at Yafa Bakery & Cafe in Somerville. (Photo: Maren Clark)

Price: $6.25

Though Yafa has many fancy sweets, its savory breads are a great way to pick up energy on meandering walks down Somerville Avenue. The CheeZaatar (cheese and zaatar) manaqeesh flatbread at this Palestinian bakery and cafe is a luscious combination of carbs and spice. Like any thin cheesy bread, it goes best with a drink or a dip in oil-drizzled hummus for few more dollars. The manaqeesh doesn’t skimp on flavor, and is coated in a thick crust of zingy Zaatar seasoning. The sesame seeds in the seasoning are fresh and rich, and they were my favorite part. Most of the other flavors of manaqeesh – a labneh and cheese and tomato – use the same boatlike shape; the plain cheese is round like a pizza. For anyone who has not stood in line sipping a free chai sample while admiring the decor and debating which breads or confections to buy, Yafa bakery is an overdue discovery.

Yafa Bakery & Cafe, 594 Somerville Ave., Spring Hill, Somerville

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