Sunday, July 21, 2024

Democracy demands a lot. It requires private citizens to make themselves vulnerable as candidates and devote months of their lives to campaigning for office. It requires other private citizens to become informed about issues and candidates and to decide who should be elected, and in Cambridge, in what order. And then those elected must work together on behalf of the electorate for the community’s common good, advancing solutions to hard problems.

Voting is a profound privilege and beautiful opportunity to be heard. But, sadly, in Cambridge, only about 30 percent of the voting population vote.

Tuesday is your chance to determine Cambridge’s future. What do you want Cambridge to be like in 2035? Who do you want to live here? How will we move around the city? How well will we be prepared for the effects of climate change? Will we continue to be a welcoming, diverse, inclusive City? If so, we have to work at it.

Democracy works only if you vote. Come to the ballot box Tuesday or before!

Cathie Zusy, Hamilton Street

Cathie Zusy is a candidate for Cambridge City Council.