Thursday, July 25, 2024

Free T passes, student busing improvements, parent summit supported by school officials

Idea of adding time to school day returns, with officials calling for input from others

Expect Tobin teardown, $200M construction over five years, ending run of school projects

School budget passes 6-1 at $191.1 million, bumps up class staff, CRLS guidance team

Role of relationships at CRLS celebrated during Friends’ event that raises $65,000

School Committee involvement in budgeting diminishes in superintendent’s second year

Shortages in computer education stand out in a swift process for $191.1M school budget

Busing, laptops, paraprofessional degrees are proposed in $191.1M education budget

After surprise benching of a hockey player, officials take up CRLS sports grading policy

As second gun control rally is held outside, some students remain inside with doubts