Saturday, May 18, 2024

The Friends of Cambridge Rindge and Latin School funded CRLS Modern Dance Co.’s “The Etude Project” in last year’s grant cycle. With grant funding, the dancers hosted Brown University’s American Dance Legacy Initiative to learn and perform the “Battleworks Etude” with Brenda Divelbliss, a CRLS dance teacher and CRLS Modern Dance Co. director.

From the Friends of Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, Jan. 3, 2017: This year’s Faculty Innovation Grant awardees have been announced by the Friends of Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, a nonprofit association in its 10th year of making opportunities possible at Cambridge’s only public high school. Since 2007, The group has awarded these grants to a total of 172 teachers, club advisers, administrators, guidance counselors and librarians to energize students’ learning experiences. Faculty Innovation Grants are for up to $1,000 each to enhance curriculum creatively while serving as many students with as much diversity as possible.

In late November, a six-member volunteer review committee considered all proposals, from which the submitters’ names were omitted, and selected the following to get funding:

bullet-gray-small Monica Murray, drama teacher: For a project called “CRLS Improv Club Guest Artist/Teacher” to have teaching artist Danny Balel from ImprovBoston train students by building skills and confidence and preparing them for upcoming performances.

bullet-gray-small Ariane Buchholz, SEI history and ELL teacher: For a project called “Increasing Literacy Through Reading Among ELL Students” to buy multicultural books addressing various interests to motivate English language learners, with focus on reading strategies, vocabulary and writing abilities.

bullet-gray-small Michelle Li, English teacher: For a project called “Genius Hour: Creating a Makerspace in the English-Language Arts Classroom” to empower students as self-directed learners in their areas of interest using a design-thinking process to communicate learning with digital multimedia storytelling.

bullet-gray-small Jacqueline Cesario and Laurraine LeCorps, Class of 2017 co-advisers: For a project called “Discounted Prom Pricing for Families in Need of Financial Assistance” to enable seniors from diverse backgrounds to celebrate and commemorate the four years they have spent together.

bullet-gray-small Caitlin (Curry) Lausier and Lynette Belle, OSS teacher and paraprofessional: For a project called “Falcon Friends Initiative” to provide opportunities for students to expand social development by promoting friendships with students who have various disabilities.

bullet-gray-small Andrew Miller, AVID and physics teacher: For a project called “Connecting U.S. History Curriculum to the Greater Boston Landscape” to give students a sense of how history is still alive and pertinent with a visit to Road to Revolution sites in Lexington and Concord.

bullet-gray-small Conrad Hauck, engineering instructor: For a project called “CRLS Robotics Team 2016-17 Funding” to promote students’ success in technology and engineering as they use teamwork, problem-solving and professional skills to design, build, test and program a robot to compete in tournaments.

bullet-gray-small Amy Dolan, math teacher: For a project called “Graphing Calculators in Algebra 1” to aid students with their skills in mathematics, technology, graphing, dexterity and attention and better prepare them for Algebra 2.

bullet-gray-small Mawakana Onifade, HSEP principal: For a project called “HSEP Engagement & Leadership Development” to improve student engagement through opportunities to share leadership responsibilities in planning field trips for 60 to 100 students and events that build community relationships.

FoCRLS supports the success of students, faculty and graduates of Cambridge Rindge and Latin School. To learn more about its programs, volunteering, donating, getting your business involved or establishing a college or technical school scholarship, visit, email [email protected] or call (857) 235-9290. To participate as an attendee or sponsor in FoCRLS’s 10th-year birthday celebration, which is set to take place at Google offices in Kendall Square, email [email protected]. FoCRLS is a 501(c)3 nonprofit association; donations are tax deductible.