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Musgrave started her career interning for then-U.S. Sen. John Kerry, focusing on veterans’ issues. She serves on the executive board of Interise, a national nonprofit that tackles poverty and inequality by helping small businesses grow, has been a management consultant to the Fortune 500 and is a member of the Alliance for Business Leadership. She has a bachelor’s in international relations from Boston University, where she earned her MBA while working full-time. She originally hails from South Florida. She and her husband have lived in Cambridge for nearly 10 years and say they plan to send their children to its public schools.

Top priorities:

bullet-gray-smallChampion smart zoning and development so that Cambridge remains affordable for everyone

bullet-gray-smallAdvocate for high-impact initiatives and funding that address our city’s rising inequality and inequities

bullet-gray-smallMaintain high-quality city services and city infrastructure, including the expansion of bike lanes

Excerpted from Scout Cambridge. Read the complete profile here.


bullet-gray-smallA Better Cambridge: “Adriane Musgrave left her management consulting job to run for city council full time. She has put her remarkable analytical, report-reading and data-mining skills to good use in understanding seemingly every problem that Cambridge faces. Her passions are smart zoning and development, and creating inclusive prosperity for all.”

Musgrave is an accomplished professional, obviously smart and eager to serve – her tale of quitting a job to run full time for the council speaks to that. It’s easy to imagine her skills being put to good use when the time comes to analyze and approve a municipal budget, as well as if an all but inevitable downturn in Cambridge finances come while she’s serving. Points for her emphasis on taking current programs and improving them, such as taking the existing Community Engagement Team full time, rather than proposing all-new programs and initiatives; and for exhibiting firsthand knowledge of recent city history, such as flooding in The Port neighborhood, that shows she has some institutional memory for when it’s time to assess and act on resident complaints.

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