Friday, April 19, 2024

Don’t I feel like an idiot. Trying to rate and rank Cambridge candidates by reading the Cambridge Chronicle (unsatisfying, disjointed factoids), gathering brochures (self-serving, uncritical mush) or consulting the city elections commission (essentially a list of candidates) is exhausting and nearly pointless.

Had I only known about the Cambridge Civic Journal Web site. Cool, especially for its accompanying candidates’ information, all courtesy of Journal editor Robert Winters. The fact that I’ve already voted is sort of a discouragement to looking through the site in depth, but it looks to be complete — save for council candidates Marjorie Decker and Vincent Dixon, who didn’t respond to Winters’ queries — and extraordinarily on-point.

The only thing in which the site is not complete, actually, is that it lacks (through no fault of its own, I’m sure) the real-time election results I crave. Did Fred Fantini cling to his school committee position? Did the doomed home-rule petition for rent control make it through? I’m on tenterhooks.