Friday, May 24, 2024

The December issue of Boston magazine touts Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge as a top community facility.

Mount Auburn Hospital gets props as a top community hospital in the December issue of Boston magazine, its annual “top doctors” issue.

From the magazine:

Got a ticker in trouble? Head to the “Mount,” as staffers call it, a leader in cardiology. Not only do they do a large volume of bypasses and valve replacements, they also handle complex cases, such as repairing aneurysms. The Society of Thoracic Surgeons projects a mortality rate of nearly 4 percent for open-heart surgeries, but Mount Auburn’s mortality rate was roughly one percent from 2005 to 2009. Equally important, but less well known, are the efforts this Harvard Medical School teaching facility makes to support families. In the new Stanton Building, for example, eight large rooms have an extra bed (not a reclining chair) for a relative, a private bath, and a computer terminal. “We strongly believe patients have a better outcome when it’s easy and comfortable to have a family member staying with them,” says Mount Auburn president and CEO Jeanette Clough. By 2012, all of Mount Auburn’s rooms will be private­. The facility’s public spaces feature art on loan from the Museum of Fine Arts and the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln. Beyond the hospital doors, a strong network of primary-care physicians (most hospitals have 70 percent specialists on staff, but Mount Auburn has a 50-50 split with PCPs) bolsters preventative care.

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