Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Cambridge Community Television says it has signed a lease to move to 438 Massachusetts Ave., meaning it can stay in Central Square.

Cambridge Community Television has found new studio and office space, within some of its hopes and exceeding others, according to a post on the station’s website by Mark Jaquith.

A lease has been signed and a June move is possible to 438 Massachusetts Ave., in Massachusetts Institute of Technology-owned space known as the home of Economy Hardware, just as the station’s Prospect Street lease runs out, Jaquith said. (Economy Hardware will stay, but use less space.) The move will provide 8,000 square feet on two floors — 60 percent more space than Prospect Street and 1,500 square feet more than station officials even hoped — with second-floor areas offering the higher ceilings needed for a television studio.

Staying in Central Square had been a primary goal of executive director Susan Fleischmann. Her search had been worrisome, as ideal space was hard to find while the Prospect Street lease threatened to run out.

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