Thursday, July 18, 2024

Ishrat Aishee, a seventh-grader at Community Charter School of Cambridge, took first in her category in the Cambridge Public Library/Cambridge Tree Project Poetry Contest. (Photo: Justin T. Martin)

When Brence Pernell, a seventh-grade humanities teacher at Community Charter School of Cambridge, read the poem student Ishrat Aishee handed in as part of a class project, he knew it was special.

“I was amazed at her use of figurative language,” he said. “By far, it is one of the best works I’ve read from a seventh-grader.”

Pernell urged Ishrat, of Cambridge, to submit the poem in the Cambridge Public Library/Cambridge Tree Project Poetry Contest.  She did and a few weeks later, she was notified that her poem, “Ode to the Dismal Fog,” tied for first place in the seventh-grade category.

Ishrat said she never expected to take a first in the competitive citywide contest. Hers was one of just 61 poems selected for an award out of more than 1,200 entries. “I was really surprised, really surprised. I didn’t expect it,” she said. “My parents are really proud of me and happy for me.”

Pernell was not surprised by the win. “Ishrat is one of the brightest students I have,” he said. “She always asks insightful questions. She’s an exceptional student and she always goes above and beyond what is asked of her from each assignment.”

Ishrat will get her award at a May 19 ceremony in the Lecture Hall at the Main Library. Library officials told her they will have a large print copy of her poem at the ceremony.

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Ode to the Dismal Fog

By Ishrat Aishee

I roam the streets
I wander the towns.
I bring along with me
A damp emptiness that shoos away happiness
Or so people say.

I look like the sky
But imagine it with soot.

I don’t impose, I barge upon.
Or so they say.

But I know that I bring along with me
A joy. A unique kind of joy.
A damp joy.

I am a cloud; in the sky I live.
I am as dreary as the night moon.

I am as powerful as a bolt of thunder.

The sun hides in fear upon my visit.

I bring misery to some, delight to others.
I clutch at the clouds and the mist, wail a sound so they all get the gist.

I awake to find myself drifting away.
A one-time visit, all done