Saturday, March 2, 2024

Jaggery is holding a residency Wednesdays in August at the Lizard Lounge, although band members will change each night. (Photo: Noah Blumenson-Cook)

The art-rock band Jaggery is taking residencies to a whole new level in August.

Each of four “Jaggery: Unabridged” Wednesday nights at the Lizard Lounge is to feature a totally different set of Jaggery players, as well as a different opening band, and Singer Mali, around whom the other musicians revolve, promises a totally fresh set each of the four nights.  That means not a single song will repeat for the entire residency.

“I’m personally really excited about these shows, as we’re going back into the Jaggery archives and breaking out old stuff to play along with current stuff,” Singer Mali said.

The residency begins Wednesday with SchoolTree as an opener and jumps to Aug. 17 (Jaggery doesn’t perform Aug. 10) with the opener Honeycircuit — the new band from Kara Trott, former lead singer of Fluttr Effect, with Eric Freeman that’s described as “tribal, trance, acoustic, electronic, triphop, smoke and incense.” The opener Aug. 24 is Foolish Ida, a project of Sarah Rabdau (of Sarah Rabdau & the Self-Employed Assassins), Vessela Stoyanova and Valerie Thompson (of Goli). The opener for the final show, Aug. 31, is Hello Dust — formerly Now You — described as “savagely delicate, majestically intimate, stark, raw,and shocking in beauty and intensity.”

“We’re playing with some of the best and brightest new bands and projects in the Boston area,” Singer Mali said.

The shows, which include band trivia and prizes, start at 9 p.m., cost $8 and are 21-plus. The Lizard Lounge is at 1667 Massachusetts Ave., between Harvard and Porter squares. Get advance tickets here.