Wednesday, April 24, 2024

A tree near the W.R. Grace company property, which is on Whittemore Avenue in North Cambridge, was chopped down Tuesday. (Photo: Charles Teague)

Cambridge loves its trees and hates that they’re getting cut down without what some would call, well, due process. Cambridge tree lovers can get some of what they love and hate on an educational tree walk through North Cambridge with city arborist David Lefcourt.

The walk, which starts today at 5:30 p.m., comes near a tree that was cut down Tuesday by landscapers working for W.R. Grace, the chemicals company at 62 Whittemore Ave., according to development watchdog Charles Teague.

“It was two stories tall, alive, but blocking their windows,” said Teague, who was at the scene. He said he contacted a police superintendent, who “did not seem excited,” and the Department of Public Works. A staffer said the arborist would look into it to see if rules for the work were followed — but didn’t ask for an address, Teague said.

The walk starts at the Russell Field parking lot at 5:30 p.m., between Clifton Street and the Alewife Brook Parkway on Rindge Avenue. It’s to let people “learn more about the City’s urban forestry program,” an event rescheduled from June.

Update: Teague said Friday that police Deputy Superintendent Jack Albert quickly got an admission from W.R. Grace that the tree chopping had taken place.

“My kudos to Capt. Jack Albert,” Teague said.