Saturday, July 20, 2024

Dear Cambridge,

I would like to thank all of those who supported me in this challenging election, especially my wonderful wife, Mary Anne, who often found herself home alone on many nights with our twin babies, as well as my older boys, Nicolas and William, who not only worked on the campaign but also put up with significant less “daddy time.” A special thanks to my campaign manager, Kathleen Kelly, who helped keep me focused and calm during some rather stressful times. Of course, significant thanks to all of you who voted for me Nov. 8 and volunteered your time and money to help me continue doing the job I love.

I would also like to thank the challengers, in what I believe was the strongest candidate field in my political experience. Joyce Gerber reminded us that although we tend to focus on what is “wrong” with the Cambridge Public Schools, there is far more that is “right” and we should always celebrate and build on our successes. John Holland, whose demand for accountability and transparency is a message that is not only vital but timely as we move forward with our restructuring. To Mr. Stead (and you will always be Mr. Stead to me), thank you for your focus on child safety and reminding us that unless children are safe in our schools, they cannot learn. Finally, to Bill Forster, thank you for your commitment to parent choice and your years of dedication to our district.

To Mervan Osborne, my congratulations. As another candidate who was elected on his first run, I know the exciting and overwhelming feelings you are having right now, but with your résumé I am certain you will ground yourself quickly in your new role, and I look forward to working with you.

To my reelected colleagues, a sincere congratulations. We all worked hard during this campaign season, but more importantly, as a committee leading up to Tuesday’s election. I am honored to continue serving with you.

I would be remiss, however, if I didn’t express my surprise that my friend and colleague, Nancy Tauber, was not reelected. Of course, in any election someone must lose. I lost in my first reelection, but knowing this does not mitigate the disappointment. Over my two terms with Nancy, no one has helped me grow more as an elected official. Her counsel and leadership, often in ways that didn’t play out on camera, helped me mature and stay focused. This was particularly true during the Innovation Agenda vote, when Nancy could have put politics ahead of her values and voted against a plan she supported just to appeal to her supporters. Instead, she was courageous and showed true integrity by doing what she felt was right, despite the political cost. In a time when elected officials often care more about polls and counting votes, courage and integrity are two qualities we can use a lot more of, and her service will be missed.

We must now continue to work together and move forward. There are 6,000 children in our district who deserve the adults to deliver the promise of a world-class education. We must put the fighting and campaigning aside and do what we have done so many times before, and come together to improve the lives or our children.

My sincerest thanks again, and I am as energized and committed as ever to fulfilling my promise to be a collaborative, communicative and level-headed leader on our School Committee.


Marc McGovern